Meeting the Family

My cousin recently got engaged and over the Veteran's Day weekend she and her fiance came into town.

My Aunt and Uncle (her parents) flew in from California and my Dad had a big family shrimp boil.

The Island King comes from a really small family so before I married him I met like 4 people and had made the rounds.

Marrying into my family is a completely different story.

There are a lot of us and the standard way to meet us is all at once. I have to say I felt a little sorry for my new cousin to be – meeting this group can be a little overwhelming.

The Island King has known my family for 25 years now and while he knows everyone's name he's still confused about where they sit in the family tree.

Which is understandable. This beautiful tree has many branches, which I will always be grateful for.



I'm sure our newest family member will feel the same way - if we keep the circus show hidden until after the wedding.