The Rossi Trifecta

We decided that it was time for the Oldest Island Boy to have his own shotgun so we planned to get him one for Christmas.

The Island King was in charge of finding the right gun and within a few days he found the one he wanted to give him.

The Rossi Trifecta.

The Trifecta is named such because it comes with 3 barrels instead of 1. A 20 gauge shotgun barrel, a 22 long rifle barrel and a 243 center fire rifle.

I thought we were just getting him a 20 gauge shotgun but the Island King insists this is better because he basically got 3 guns for the price of 1 AND the Oldest can use the 22 to plink targets all day long.

Once we had the gun in hand we got to talking about how the best hunting weather is between now and Christmas and that after Christmas it's usually colder and rains more.

So, we gave it to him early.

He had no idea it was coming and I wish I had a picture of the look on his face when his dad handed him the box.

They spent a long time, learning about the gun and it's different barrel and then the next day we went to Tower Camp, where he spent the entire day shooting.

And then gave me a nice review

I'm glad we gave it to him early but I told him that on Christmas Eve I'm going to wrap it and on Christmas morning I want a big surprise face smile for the camera when he opens it.