Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tower Camp

I've had several people ask me about Tower Camp lately so I thought I'd put together a tour.

Our property is 8 acres, one acre is a cleared field while the rest of the property is wooded and surrounded by forest.

Our goal is to have a cabin up there one day but for now we've been working on basic improvements that make it more comfortable.

We've got a tarp rigged for shade and have several more tarps in our box that can be rigged for any kind of rain. After the monsoon, the Island King concocted ropes and tarps for every kind of rain and wind situation.

The tarp in the picture is our basic shade tarp. 

He built a keyhole design fire pit which works for cooking at one end and keeping warm on the other.  

We also have a cook table in the kitchen where we use the camp stove. 

A large table in the middle is perfect for food prep and eating. This table is the equivalent of the bar in my home kitchen because it seems to be where all of the junk lands throughout the day. 

 No kitchen would be complete without a wash stand and here is the beginning of mine. He built this one until he can get the one I want built. It will have a sink, a shelf over the sink for the water container and a trench, which will send my dishwater down the hill and off into the woods.

We heat the dishwater so I'm trying to come up with a way to heat it right there on the wash table instead of carrying it from the stove.

As for our bathroom, we have a camp potty and you take the potty down any one of our trails, pick a nice spot and you've reached the bathroom.

There's talk of an outhouse but they have spiders and smell bad. The camp potty is odorless and the lid is sealed so you know there are no spiders crawling around.
We're also improving our firing range but for now we've got something we can use. 

The ultimate goal is to have a small cabin up there but that will have to wait for a while. 

In the mean time - I love our little camp in the woods.  
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