A Goat Foot on a Pole

As a collector of odd things I've managed to drag home all kinds of stuff but my latest find has to be one of the coolest.

We were walking through the field at Tower Camp one afternoon when I spotted this.

A goat's foot.

It wasn't a complete shock – there is a goat farm down the road and there are a lot of coyotes in the woods around us so finding a foot seems relatively normal.

Something about it struck me as really cool so I brought it back to camp and hung it on a pole.

The Island King asked what I was doing and when I told him that I was decorating he shrugged his shoulders and walked off.

But the boys just kept looking at the foot, at me and then at each other.

“That's really weird, Mom”

“It's not weird. It's a goat's foot.”

As they were walking away I heard the Youngest say “I don't know about her”

Which prompted the Oldest to say “I can live with the foot but if she rounds up any goat blood I'm gone!”

I don't see what the problem is. Doesn't everybody have an old goat's foot hanging around somewhere?