Dumpster Diving 101

The Island King has always been a hoarder and as he gets older his sickness just keeps getting worse. And the older he gets the more our yard looks like Fred Sandford's yard.

Lately, he's been into scrapping things. He actually enjoys going to the scrap yard instead of going to a coffee shop like other little old men.

Monday evening he called to tell me he'd stopped at the local movie theater to see if they had any metal buckets for him to cook more chickens and turkeys in (which in itself is a hoarder thing because how many chicken/turkey cooking buckets does one person need?) and they said he could look in their dumpster.

Where he found an entire household worth of stuff that had been illegally put in the dumpster.

He was in hog heaven and calling to tell me he was coming home to get the ladder so he could really “Get in there and see what he could find.”

I went back with him, hoping to control some of what came out of the dumpster and back to my house.

Did you know that there is an art to dumpster diving?

First, get a ladder and poke around at the stuff on top.

Once you've reached as much as you can from the ladder you just get on in the dumpster.

And when I say get in - I mean get inside the dumpster and get comfortable.

Of course it's always fun when the police pull up and ask what you're doing. Turns out, if management has given their permission you can play in the dumpster all night if you want. 

He did find a brand new, still in the box, hedge trimmer (we don't have any hedges) lots of darts (we don't have a dart board) more fishing lures (we already have 4 tackle boxes full) and about $20 worth of scrap metal. 

Which means he gets to go back to the scrap yard this week and that will make him Happy Happy Happy.

My Mom is right. He is a little on the strange side - bless his heart.