Fifty Years!

Yesterday was my parent's 50th wedding anniversary.

Fifty years!

To celebrate we met them and my sister and her family in Pensacola for a family photo shoot.

We met our photographer, Tamara Muscha, at Seville Square in downtown Pensacola. She took a lot of photos in the gazebo and I think she got some good shots of all of us. We get to see all of them next week and I'm really excited about that.

After we took pictures we all went to Mass at Sacred Heart. My parents were married there and the parish priest is a family friend so we thought it would be fun to celebrate Mass on the same day, in the same place, that they were married. January 25, 1964 was a Saturday also so it was almost like reliving that day – except there wasn't a wedding ceremony and they didn't have 2 kids and 6 grandchildren back then.

They knew we were planning on taking them out to dinner after Mass but they weren't expecting the limo that pulled up to drive them and the grandkids to the restaurant.

We didn't rent the limo for the whole night (yes, my parents have cheap kids) just for the ride from the church to the restaurant but the driver took them for a 20 minute ride along Scenic Hwy, overlooking the water.

They had Sparkling Cider in champagne glasses and I'm not sure who enjoyed the ride more – my parents or the kids.

My sister picked up a small cake from a local bakery and after dinner the waiter brought the cake out.

It was a beautiful cake with an ivory carnation on it and the first thing my dad did was reach over and pick a petal off the flower and eat it.

He got a funny look on his face, started moving his mouth around weird and then pulled the petal out of his mouth and threw it away.

“That's plastic” he says.

Mom pulls the flower out of the cake and sure enough it was a plastic flower.

We all know that I'm no baker but common sense tells me that a flower on a cake that is the exact same color as the icing should be edible.

Of course if it was edible we wouldn't have had the pleasure of watching Dad's face as he tried to eat plastic.

After dinner we went our separate ways – full, happy and extremely glad that this is our family.