Harold, Gerald and the Buzzard

I have a cousin who's married to a really nice guy but on occasion he'll tell me a story that I'm just not sure I believe. He won't admit one way or the other if the story is true or not but they're such good stories that I don't care.

My favorite is a story he tells about his grandfather.

His grandfather, Harold, had a twin brother named Gerald and they grew up on a farm in Texas.

Harold and Gerald were busy little boys who managed to find something to get into on a regular basis.

One afternoon they tied strings to June bugs and flew them around. They got bored with that pretty fast and decided they needed something bigger.

They took a burlap bag, threw it over a buzzard and caught him. Then they tied a rope to the buzzard's leg and flew him around like a kite.

They were having a good time but it was getting dark and they couldn't see the buzzard real well. They pulled him back in, tied a burlap bag a little lower on the rope and lit it on fire.

They let the rope out so the buzzard could fly and the light from the burning bag illuminated the buzzard.

Being little boys, they didn't realize that the fire on the burlap bag would light the rope on fire which would then cook the buzzard.

Which is exactly what happened. The buzzard reached done over some woods next to the farm the boys lived on, crashed and set the woods on fire.

All of the local farmers came to help put the fire out by forming a bucket brigade.

After the fire was over they were all sitting in the yard at Harold and Gerald's house drinking lemonade and everyone started talking about how the fire got started.

The old man who lived on the farm next to Harold and Gerald said “Well, I was sitting on my porch when this ball of fire flew past me and crashed into the woods. Never seen anything like it.”

According to the story, Harold and Gerald might have gotten away with it - if they hadn't started laughing so hard.

This story always makes me giggle and I can easily see my boys trying something like that.

Which is why they've never heard this story.