Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Call From Beyond

My MIL had a massive heart attack awhile back but fortunately is doing better now.

And since she's doing well I can tell this story.

Her best friend, D, lives in Louisiana and over the past years they've fallen out of touch.

I'm friends with D's daughter on FB and something on her page made me think D had passed away a few years ago. I wanted to ask her but how do you phrase a question like that?

A while back I mentioned to my MIL that I'd found out that her friend was gone.

Naturally, she was really sad and upset and wondered why D's daughter hadn't called when D got sick.

Well, after my MIL's heart attack I posted a note on FB asking for prayers for her. I knew “telling everyone her business” might make her mad but didn't care. I believe in the power of prayer and we needed all we could get.

After I put the post on FB the Island King got a text from D's daughter asking what hospital his mother was in because HER mother wanted to call her.

D is alive? Yeah!!!


I tell the Island King that we can't let D call my MIL on the phone while she's gorked out in the cardiac unit until we tell her D is alive. She'll either think someone dead is calling her or that she'd dead too and that's how D is calling her.

Either way, that's not something a person who's not doing well after a heart attack needs to experience.

We vowed to call my MIL's husband the next morning so he could tell her that D is alive when he got to the hospital.

It's too bad this happened on New Year's Eve because somehow I found the bottom of a champagne bottle and needless to say – I did not get up early on New Year's Day. And neither did the Island King.

At noon the phone rang and it was my MIL's husband telling us that D called his phone that morning while he was at the hospital.

My MIL was still having quite a bit of pain and they were keeping her drugged up so she'd stay calm and because of that she wasn't really coherent.

Which is why when her husband (who did not know that she thought D was gone) told her that D was on the phone she freaked out and starting yelling “That can't be! She's dead! What's happening?”

Her husband got D off the phone and managed to calm my MIL down, telling her it must have been someone else – his phone wasn't working good inside the hospital so he's not sure who it was.

Oh. My. Goodness. It happened.

My poor MIL got a phone call from her supposed dead friend and freaked out.

The Island King's phone rang again a few minutes later and it was D wanting to know what was going on.

He explained everything to her and she didn't find the fact that we all thought she was dead amusing at all.

The really bad thing is that even though I know what happened was traumatic to my MIL, I can not stop laughing.

Holy cow! I let a woman I love, who just had a massive heart attack, get a phone call from her “dead” friend.

On occasion I've been told that I was a little on the sick side and after laughing so hard about this I'm wondering, truly, if I would be able to pass a psych evaluation.

I'm thinking not.
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