Friday, March 7, 2014

Birds Poop Bombed Her Car

For the longest time, the Island King has called the area we live in the Okaloosa Triangle. He believes more odd and unexplainable things happen here in Okaloosa County than in the Bermuda Triangle – or anywhere else in the world, for that matter.

He REALLY believes this.

Being a magnet for the odd I never attributed it to my location but he is correct in that some weird stuff happens 'round here.

Today's event was a bird poop bombing of the Island Girl's car.

Yesterday it was clean and this morning it looked like this.

Wow. How many birds do you think it took to do that? It's like an Alfred Hitchcock movie happened in our yard last night.

I used to park my car in that same spot and I'd get some bird poop on it but nothing like this.

I think her father may be right, this is the Okaloosa Triangle - a flock of birds flew in, pooped all over just her car and then flew away.
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