Friday, March 28, 2014

Maybe I Should Become a Psychic

I talked to a woman the other day who told me a fascinating story that has me thinking of a new career.

We were standing on the beach and saw a flock of pelicans fly by.

Pelicans fly in a V formation and if you watch them for a while you'll see the first bird in the formation drop to the back of the V while another bird moves up into the front spot.

I'm sure there are scientific reasons behind this but I always assumed that when the first bird got tired he rotated around to the back, the next bird moved into the lead and so on.

That was the extent of the thought I've given this over the years until the woman I talked to asked me how the pelicans communicated with each other about who would take the lead when the first bird dropped back.

“Do you think they talk to each other?” “How do you think they decide who goes first?” “Do you think it's a primal thing?” “Do they vote?”

Before I could answer she said “I wonder if my cat's psychic would know”

“Umm, your cat has a psychic?”

She gave me a “don't all cat's have psychics?” look and said that of course her cat has a psychic.
She hired the psychic because she felt like it was important to know what her cat was saying when he meowed.

Right here I need to say that it's really hard to keep a straight face when you hear things like that but I knew that if I laughed I wouldn't get to hear the story, and believe me, this was one story I definitely wanted to hear.

She tells me that her cat meowed a lot so she hired the pet psychic to tell her what the cat was saying.

It turns out, according to the psychic, her cat is saying 3 things. “Feed me – pet me – let me out”

I have 5 cats who meow all of the time and I have to say the psychic is spot on because most of their meowing means they want food, love or to go outside.

I've never thought of myself as a cat psychic but it turns out I may have talent.

Or, it could be that a meowing cat near his food bowl is a visual clue and I'm not psychic at all.

While I was processing this she told me that she's a firm believer in psychics because once she learned what her cat was meowing about he seemed a lot happier.

Then she threw out the zinger.

“Before I moved here I saw a psychic too and she told me that I would end up living my life somewhere under a blue sky and just look around – the sky is a beautiful blue.”

I asked if this was the same psychic who told her what the cat was saying but she rolled her eyes at me again and said “Of course not. That's an animal psychic, I see a people psychic.”

Oh, well, of course.

The woman was very happy with what she'd learned from the psychics and that both of them turned out to be right.

You have no idea how hard it was for me not to point out that there is nowhere on earth that doesn't have a blue sky - and that cats really aren't that hard to figure out.

I can definitely tell when a cat wants food and I know everyone will live under a blue sky.

If that's all it takes to make money as a psychic I'm in!
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