Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival Day 2

After Friday night's arrest of Captain Billy Bowlegs, his wenches proclaimed they would return on Saturday to free their Captain.

I didn't want to miss that so off to the Landing I went, ready to see how this would play out. Captain Bowlegs has never been arrested and taken off to jail in handcuffs before so I was excited to see what would happen next.

Plus, I love to watch the skirmish between the pirates and the local militia.

I found a good spot and along with hundreds of other people, waited for the pirate's ship to sail up to the Landing.

The Pirates came up to the dock American Spirit. Behind them were their maidens and wenches on the Southern Star.

The announcer tells the crowd that Captain Bowlegs and his Krewe have arrived and are going to try and take over the city.


Wasn't the Captain arrested and taken to jail Friday night in an “unprecedented act?”

In a brilliant move, the pirates must have invaded the jail at dawn and freed their captain and mates.

The pirates landed and advanced on the milita, demanding the Pirate Coin the Mayor had.

As the pirates advanced, the militia shot them all dead.

Right about then all of the pirate wenches came running up the dock, sprinkled Fairy Dust on the pirates and brought them back to life.

This amazed the Mayor so much that he gave Captain Billy the coin he wanted and then turned the City of Fort Walton Beach over to the pirates.