Saturday, June 7, 2014

Captain Billy Bowlegs Arrested and Taken to Jail

This weekend is the 59th Annual Billy Bowlegs Festival, which means pirates invade the City of Fort Walton Beach and a weekend of debauchery ensues.

The Festival kicked off Thursday with a parade down Eglin Parkway and continued on Friday with a festival at Fort Walton Beach Landing.

Lots of music


And plenty of pirates.

Every year, on Friday evening, Billy Bowlegs and his Krewe sail up to the Landing and fight to take over the City.

The Walton Guard Militia is always on hand to protect the City and for 59 years the Walton Guard have managed to fend off the pirates – at least for the night.

But this year, Captain Billy landed under a white flag, looking for a coin the Mayor of Fort Walton Beach possesses.

I was surprised not to see much Militia but thought they were in hiding, planning an ambush.

I was even more surprised when Captain Billy went on stage, demanded the coin, and THE POLICE ARRESTED HIM AND HIS FIRST MATE!


They actually carted them off in handcuffs!

Then they had a very small portion of the Militia march the rest the women who'd come ashore with the Captain back to their ship.

They sailed off into the sunset but not without vowing to return tomorrow to free their Captain and Mates.

Wow. I think the City has underestimated the police and the Walton Guard because everyone knows that when you make a bunch of pirate woman mad – there'll be hell to pay.

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