Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Parasailing in Destin

The Youngest Island Boy turned 13 on Saturday and when I asked what he wanted to do he wanted us to go parasailing. 

I just assumed he meant him and his dad because he knows I'm scared of heights but when we got to the beach I realized he meant us - as in - him, the Island King AND me. 

I didn't want to disappoint him and I have to admit there was a little tiny part of me that kinda, maybe, sorta, wanted to try it so I agreed. 

No Valium, Xanax or alcohol was involved and surprisingly I wasn't really that nervous. 

We went to Perdido Key Parasail - Destin, which is run by an old friend of the Island Kings. 

He's located right behind the Back Porch Restaurant right in the heart of Destin. 

The parasail boat runs offshore so they have a shuttle that runs you out to the boat.

A banana float pulled by a jet ski kind of shuttle. 

Which made the shuttle ride a fun experience as well. 

It seeming fitting that the boat is named High Anxiety.

Once on board we met Captain Mark and his First Mate, Ike. 

Ike got us rigged up in the harness and situated on the back of the boat and then off we went. 


I was scared it would feel like we were being yanked into the sky but we just eased up and t barely felt like we were moving. 

And then we were there. Hundreds of feet above the Gulf of Mexico. I would never have believed that I could be floating along, looking down at the tops of 12 story condominiums and not be in a complete panic. 

Floating up there like that was magical. I have to say it ranks right up there with swimming with manatee and dolphin. Which is a seriously high on the chart of magical experiences. 

Parasailers are usually treated to a "dip" in the Gulf towards the end of their ride but since no one talked about it I assumed that wasn't going to happen. 

It wasn't until was started descending that I realized it was going to happen and I wasn't sure I wanted to do that but then we were in and out of the water and on our way back up. 

I'm so glad I wasn't given a choice. I'm sure I would have said no and when it was over I wanted to do it again. 

The ride lasted 15 minutes and as we were coming in I wasn't sure how well that would work out but we glided right down and without doing a thing we were standing on the deck of the boat again.

Parasailing was so peaceful and calming that I would do it every morning if I could but I'll settle for at least a couple more trips this summer. 

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