Banana Boat Float

I've seen several Banana Boat Floats zipping around Destin and wanted to go for a ride as soon as I saw them.

To my surprise, the shuttle out to the parasailing boat was just that – a Banana Boat Float pulled by a jet ski.

Having just had major oral surgery a week before I was a little nervous that we would get pounded by the waves. I've pretty much recovered from the surgery but my mouth was still a little tender and I didn't want to go home with a throbbing jaw.

Interestingly, the banana jumps right over the waves but the landing isn't bad. There was no pounding or slamming, we were just riding the waves.

I really enjoyed it and plan to visit The Original Banana Boat to take a longer ride soon.

And isn't riding a Banana Float through the Gulf of Mexico what life is really all about?