Shooting Lessons

Through her teenage years the Island Girl was completely uninterested in anything to do with the outdoors. 

She avoided Tower Camp like the plague and because of that she never learned to shoot.

In the past year she's done an about face and now prefers being outside, wants to go to the woods and has decided it's time for her to learn to shoot. 

So the Island King and I took her to Tower Camp over the weekend and taught her how to shoot my shotgun. 

We don't spend much time up there in the summer and things are looking a little rough. 

I consider this my "winter house" so I do a big clean up when we leave at the end of the season and then another when we show back up in the Fall. 

Our shooting range is a little overgrown so we just shot over the weeds. We lost several targets in the tall grass but we'll find them when it all dies back in the Fall. 

She did really well shooting and hit every target she aimed at. The recoil bothered her more than it does me so a towel over her shoulder helped that. 

My Dad gave me one of these shoulder pads for Christmas but I forgot to bring it. 

I think she'll feel more comfortable if she's wearing it. 

She has a very good aim but still isn't real comfortable with the gun itself. I can tell that after she's had more practice she'll be very good with a shotgun. 

We also practiced a little skeet shooting. Well, our version of skeet shooting anyway. 

We've found that CDs spin way up into the air just like skeets do so we collect as many old CDs as we can and then toss them into the air for someone to shoot. 

She didn't hit any this time but I predict she'll be knocking them out of the air consistently. 

I always seem to shoot right behind the target or right in front of it but I'm determined to change that this winter. 

The Island King on the other hand, NEVER misses. It's disgusting how fast and good he is at that. 

I'd like to say I'll be able to outshoot him one day but I don't think that will happen.

The Island Girl, on the other hand, stands a pretty good chance of matching him shot for shot by the end of the winter. 

I can't wait to see his face when he gets outshot - by a girl!