Flash Mob in Rome

I've just returned from Rome (I love saying that – even if it's Rome, Georgia not Rome, Italy) after an amazing Geocaching Mega Event

We began our Roman Holiday by dressing in Togas and meeting the rest of our tribe at the clocktower in downtown Rome for a Flash Mob.

As we left our hotel that morning the desk clerk asked if we were going to a party. I couldn't resist telling her no and acting like we dress this way all of the time.

Actually, I was a little surprised that we attracted so much attention. We were in Rome after all and here in Destin no one thinks twice when they see a pirate walking down the street.

Of course there were a LOT of us and it was fun to watch people come out of the surrounding businesses to see this huge bunch of toga clad geoachers invade the tower.

It was so fun to see all of the Roman inspired costumes.

I got to meet Signal the Frog!

My Dad and the Librarian looked good in their togas.

This was just a small portion of our local caching buddies that were there. Northwest Florida represented very well. 

After the Flash Mob I really wanted to spend time caching in my toga but it's a lot chillier in Georgia than it is in Italy so back to the hotel we went to change into warm clothes.

The rest of the day was spent caching, eating, caching and more caching. Absolute heaven!

Now I want to go back to Rome so I can spend more time just wandering that beautiful city.