I'm Not Ready for the Senior Discount Yet!

I never thought looking older would bother me much. I'm not a vain person and have always felt like you either like me or you don't and what I look like should have nothing to do with it.

If it does, I'd rather not have friends like that anyway.

Every once in a while people will make a comment about me being my kid's grandmother and that irks me a little but not too bad.

But then I met the waitress in the IHOP.

Dad, the Island Girl and I stopped in for dinner on our way to an event in Rome and our waitress was a woman in her mid 60s who seemed really nice.

Until I gave her my order and she said “You want that from the Senior menu, right?”

I stared at her with my mouth hanging open while my dad and daughter tried not to laugh.

She seemed a little surprised by my reaction and said “You are 50 aren't you?”


She stammered a minute, took the rest of the orders and off she went.

I will admit that I'm 49 and will be 50 in March but for the time being I am NOT 50 and plan on being in my 40s until the very last minute.

The waitress returned and said “I think I'm going to let my natural hair color come out too. It will be salt and pepper like yours which looks so pretty with the gray in it.”

Seriously? First, I look old enough to order from the senior menu, second, I can't possibly be a day under 50 and third, I have pretty “gray” hair.

It's a good thing Dad was buying because her tip meter was at zero for me.

They say you're only as old as you feel and most days I waiver between 2 and 22 so looking old really shouldn't bother me but I'm not crazy about people pointing it out to me.

I should send her a bill for the anti-aging cream I bathed in that night.