Thursday, November 20, 2014

Chicago - Day 1

The Youngest Island Boy is in Chicago with my parents for a family wedding and I am having so much fun listening to his travel reports.

His first day in Chicago started with a trip to the Willis Tower. He said they have serious security there and of course as they were walking into the building he set off the alarm.

He got pulled aside and had to empty his pockets before they learned it was the steel toe in his boots that set off the alarm.

After they got through what he described as “airport type security” he got to go to the top and stand on the glass ledge.

Obviously he didn't inherit his mother's fear of heights.

After visiting the Tower they were off to the Museum of Contemporary Art. He said he saw a lot of really cool things but that the most interesting thing was when the bag he was carrying got too close to a painting, setting off an alarm.

A loud alarm which brought people running to see what he was up too. He said they were very nice, explained the alarm system and then had to move on the another alarm that went off in a different room.

They hailed a cab at some point which he thought was really cool until he realized the driver was a maniac. He's decided that Chicago is filled with crazy driving, horn blowing, taxi cabs and that he doesn't need to ride in another one.

He tells me that the salt on the sidewalks is purple and wants to know what's up with that.

I told him to look it up because I have no idea either.

They watched some ice skaters and when I asked if he went skating he said “Mom, that just would have been embarrassing – this little Florida boy trying to ice skate.”

The day continued and they found themselves in a hot dog joint named Big Al's. While in Big Al's he says the chair he was sitting in “went flying out from underneath” him and across the room, where it broke into several pieces.

He's not sure how that happened but it did and according to my Mom it was quite embarrassing.

According to the Youngest it wasn't as embarrassing as when she fell in the middle of Michigan Ave and it took him and my Dad “10 minutes to get her back on her feet again.”

Luckily she wasn't hurt but they're now debating who's incident drew more attention.

The grand finale of the day was him watching the news. Our local news is pretty boring (thank God) so he's never seen anything like the local news he saw last night and he sent me a bunch of texts updating me to what was happening.

Listening to him recant his adventures is so much fun. He's really enjoying the experience and soaking up everything new.

I can't wait to hear what happens next.
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