Do All Shotguns Come With Erasers?

I bought myself a shotgun for Christmas year before last and I really like it. It's a Winchester ( I was worried about the curse but so far so good) and it fits my shoulder perfectly so I shot the mess out of it that winter.

The only thing I didn't like was the fact that it jammed on occasion and the weird sliding noise it made when I turned it upright.

I kept telling the Island King that it was making a funny noise and jamming some so he did a couple of quick cleans hoping that would solve the problem.

It didn't but the weather turned warm and it was too hot to go into the woods to shoot so I forgot about it.

Until the weather cooled off and we started shooting again.

I complained some more and the other night the Island King decided to completely strip the gun, clean it and find out what was making the noise.

He gets the gun apart, calls me over to his desk and asks if anything looks out of place.


I'm not an expert on shotgun innards but even I found it hard to believe that the pink thing came from the manufacturer.

What is that?

A closer look revealed a pink “Twist and Sweep” eraser.

Seriously? I did buy the gun from a pawn shop but a Twist and Sweep eraser is just not something I would have thought to check for before buying the gun.

I doubt the guy I bought it from knew it was there either.

For some reason the magazine plug had been sawed off and then the missing end replaced with the Twist and Sweep.

Which sounds like a frantic search through the back of a truck to make bird hunting with that gun legal before Fish and Wildlife arrived.

Unless this is some redneck artist ritual that I've not heard of.

It does explain the sliding noise and now that it has been removed and the gun cleaned it fires like new and there is no odd noise. I just hope I don't need to erase something in the woods.

Take a look at the video. He says he's seen a lot of things but this is a first for him.