Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Playing Hooky

Yesterday afternoon the Island Girl came in and suggested we spend the rest of the day in the boat.

The Island King was on his way home from a photo shoot so her timing was perfect.

I still had several things I needed to do and I had planned on meeting some friends in Crestview that night but we haven't seen sunshine in quite a while and the call of the sun and the pull of the sea got the best of me.

So we loaded the boat and off we went.

It was gorgeous out and felt a little like "Great Blue Heron Day" because they were everywhere.

Of course there were pelicans

A very happy Sea Gull

And some Terns who seemed to be discussing the weather.

We ended the afternoon with a slow cruise through the harbor. 

Margaritaville has come to town but we haven't been yet. 

We almost pulled in to Dewey's for shrimp but knew the boys would be mad so we passed on by - for today.

 The sunset was spectacular and even though I didn't accomplish everything I needed to, I don't regret skipping out early one bit.

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