Monday, August 24, 2015

I Can't Take Him Anywhere

You know the expression “I can't take him anywhere?” Well, I'm pretty sure the “him” in that statement stands for the Island King.

Even a simple trip to the beach can turn into a circus in a matter of minutes.

For example...

We took the boat to the beach on Sunday and right as we were leaving the boat ramp, the Island King remembered that he'd left his visor. It was too late to turn back and I offered him my hat but he decided to tough it out.

We cruised over to bridge beach and after a bit decided to walk out to the jetties.

About halfway there he spots something in the sand, gets real excited and says “Hey look! A hat”

Umm, it used to be a hat.

We were standing in front of a pontoon boat that was anchored there and the two couples in the water were watching us.

He shook some of the sand off and plopped that thing right on his head. He was happy as a clam that he now had a replacement for his forgotten visor.


I look over and the people from the pontoon boat are cracking up. He tells them that he forgot his visor and this will work just fine causing them to laugh even harder.

I told them that all he needed to find now was a pair of flip flops and he'd be set.

They gave him a big thumbs up and off we went.

We walked a bit farther and both of us spotted a clump of something odd. He picked it up and to our amazement it's a fake beard.


And yes, the Oh No was warranted because he shook the sand off and put that nasty thing on his face.

He was pleased as punch about his finds and proudly walked on down the beach wearing his new hat and beard.

I wish you could have seen the look on the people at the pontoon boat's face as we walked back past them!

He stopped to show off his new beard and these people were laughing and looking at him like he was something straight out of a freak show.

Which he is. I don't know why.

He might be a little on the strange side but that's just one of the reasons I love him. Life is never dull and he makes me look normal.
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