Monday, August 31, 2015

Tower Camp Time is Almost Here

It's almost camping/hunting time and we are more than ready to get back to the woods but at the end of every summer we have to go up there and do some cleaning and prep work before we start camping there.

The Oldest Island Boy has really been wanting to shoot some clays so we decided to go up there on Sunday, get in a couple of hours of work and then some do some shooting.

I love the ride up.

In one hour we go from our beautiful beach

To lush, green, rolling hills and spectacular woods.

We're here!!

Whoa! I don't think I've ever seen the field so overgrown.

Prepping this for winter is going to take a while.

This is what it's supposed to look like.

And this is what it looked like on Sunday.

We had several goals for the day but realized we can't do anything until we mow bush hog this field.

Which was fine with the boys. They grabbed machetes and other implements of destruction and headed down to the creek while the Island King and I wandered around a small piece of property adjoining ours and that we are hoping to purchase this year.

It's not for sale and is a small corner of the big farm across the way but we're hoping if we ask real nice (translate – offer right price) she'll sell us this 3 acres.

I don't think we're going to be living in the house though...

I've always wanted chickens but the coop will definitely need some work.

The Island King likes the idea of having a blind in his back yard so if we do get the property I don't think this structure will change much.

We will have a really cool neighbor if we do buy the land.

The Island King and I stood at the fence talking to her for a long time and then laughed about how much time we'd spent just looking at her and the expression “Y'all ain't from round here” came to mind.

We had lunch and then a little later I picked up a small tub that was under one of the tables and at least 5 very angry, very large wasps came flying straight out at me.
I'd hurt my hip a little the day before but when those wasps came after me I went to running and my foot caught a root. My hip screamed at me and I knew I should let myself fall down to keep from twisting it more but the wasps had a bead on me so I ran, completely screwing up my hip.

In hindsight, I should have let the wasps get me because that pain would be gone today whereas my hip is still really hurting.

That ended my standing or walking for the day so the Island King set me up in a chair with a table and the boys were my minions, fetching whatever I needed.

As I sat there looking around, I proclaimed myself the Queen of our Overgrown Field.

The boys had a skeet shooting match and the Oldest won. He and his Dad are always trying to beat each other and on Sunday the Oldest took home the championship – which made him very happy.

We left a little after dark and the moon was HUGE. I wanted the Island King to take a picture of it as we came to the top of a hill on the Interstate and you'd think that with him being a professional photographer that task wouldn't be too hard.

Wrong. This is what he took.

Luckily the Youngest Island Boy grabbed my phone and managed to snap off a couple of good shots.

It was a long day but we had so much fun and getting back to the woods always makes me feel good.
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