Saturday, September 26, 2015

Building our Tiny House - Part 1

The Island King has declared that he can no longer sleep in a tent on an air mattress at Tower Camp and that he needs a small cabin that we can put a real bed in. I used to swear I was a tent camper for life but then I got old and now I really want a warm dry bed to sleep in too.

I've always thought it would be cool to have a Tiny House at Tower Camp. I'm not saying that a big log cabin wouldn't be good too but that's not in our budget so a Tiny House is the next best thing.

The Island King loves to build wooden boxes and he is convinced that building a Tiny House is the same as building a bigger box.

Which kind of scares me. He's relatively good at building his boxes but I wouldn't want to stay in one of them and I've been a little skeptical about staying in a Tiny House he builds.

But then he saw this on Craig's List.

Technically, it's not a Tiny House – it's an 8x10 shed – but it has windows and could be the beginnings of a Tiny House.

It was for sale for less than half the cost of the materials alone which was a really good deal so we bought it.

According to the Island King the purpose of this shed is to have a place to sleep while he builds a bigger, better “cabin.”

The day after we bought it the Island King and the Youngest Island Boy spent about 3 hours taking it apart and loading it on our trailer.

Fortunately, the man who built it used screws instead of nails to put it together and he also labeled each and every board so it could be taken apart and put back together very easily.

Unfortunately, the floor he built was not the kind we need so we knew we'd need to buy some flooring materials. But we would still be way under the original materials cost.

That afternoon we drove the trailer to Tower Camp and it was a slow, scary ride. The walls were strapped on tight but they did quite a bit of bouncing on that little trailer of ours and after what seemed like hours, we made it to camp.

We slid the walls out onto the ground in the general area that we're going to put the shed Tiny House back up and decided to call it a day.

He has to buy the materials for the floor and we have to take those up there and then it will be building day.

His projection is that it won't take long but there's not a flat piece of ground up there so I'm thinking the time to make this building level will be significantly longer. We'll see.

Hopefully, it will be done soon and we can start using it. It's definitely not my idea of the perfect tiny house but it will be sealed against bugs and the weather and should be a LOT better than sleeping in a tent.
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