Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Butterfly or an Omen?

Last week I decided to write an e-book. I wanted to cover the basics of geocaching and use some of the lessons I've learned in the book.

On Sunday I sat down, opened my word processor and got started. I managed to come up with an outline and a couple of good stories to include before the kids started hollering for dinner.

I went into the kitchen, made dinner and then came back out into the office to continue my project but as I walked up to my computer I saw this.

A Monarch Butterfly sitting on my keyboard. I touched him, expecting him to fly away but then realized that sadly, he was dead.

Hmm. What could a dead butterfly on my computer mean?

I did a Google search and was surprised by how many theories I found.

Some believe butterflies are our guardian angels while others believe that finding a dead butterfly signifies the upcoming death of someone close to you.

So, if I go with the first theory – my guardian angel has died and if I go with the second theory someone I love is about to die.

I didn't like either of those ideas so I kept digging and I found this:

“A dead butterfly is a signal for you to recapture the spirit and imagination in your life.... at the moment you've lost your mojo.”

Since the page I was working on was open and the butterfly died on my keyboard I'm going to go with the recapture my imagination theory.

I have to because losing someone I love is too hard to even contemplate and anyone who knows me knows I NEED my guardian angel.

Cross your fingers for me – I'm a little on the superstitious side and this event has me torn between writing like a mad woman or hiding under my bed.

Let's hope writing works because I'm too big to fit under the bed.
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