Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My Very Own Can of Whoop Ass

You know that old expression “Open a can of whoop ass?” I've seen pictures of the inside of a C130 filled with soldiers and the caption “Inside a can of whoop ass” but I've never actually seen a real can. In fact I thought it was just an expression - until the other night.

I had both my boys, their friend B and Buddy the Beagle in the car Sunday night on our way home from Tower Camp when we decided to stop at a Jr Store for snacks.

I came out of the store and was about halfway across the parking lot when I heard someone yell “Lady wait!”

Before I could turn around, I see three of my car doors open and out come 3 teenage boys and a ticked off Beagle. The dog was snarling and growling and immediately those boys and the dog surrounded me.

The guy who'd been calling me stopped short and started stammering about wanting to sell me some “fresh” Red Snapper he'd caught that day.

One of the boys said “She doesn't want any fish” and the guy turned around and high tailed it back to his car on the other side of the parking lot.

When we got back in the car I asked them what that was about and the Oldest Island Boy said “we saw that guy coming after you in the parking lot and we didn't know what he wanted so we thought we better get out and protect you.

I have to admit that I felt like a queen with my very own security detail.

I'm pretty sure the guy was just trying to sell me some trash fish (I don't believe it was Red Snapper for a minute) and that he meant me no harm but he picked the wrong woman to approach in a dark parking lot.

And on the way home I realized that when the boys got out of the car I'd actually seen the opening of “can of whoop ass.”

They aren't soldiers but I'm telling you now that watching those boys surround me was quite impressive.

I spent the rest of the night smiling to myself. They might give me a hard time on occasion but they've always got my back.  
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