Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Butterfly Explained

Remember this butterfly?

Finding it on my keyboard kept popping into my head all week. My friend, Sayre, suggested that maybe a dead butterfly was just a dead butterfly but there was a part of me that couldn't stop wondering what it meant.


My son's best friend is like a son to me and yesterday he and the Youngest Island Boy came in and the Youngest said “Tell her about the dead butterfly.”

Before he could say anything I said “You found one too? Where was it? What do you think it means?”

He and the Youngest laughed and then he told me that the butterfly he found was the same one on my keyboard.

He was in the backyard and it was dead on the patio so he picked it up, straightened it out and put it up on a table to dry out.

The next night, his Dad picked him up while I was cooking dinner and before he left he put it on my keyboard for me because he thought it was pretty and that I would like it.

Wow! I came up with a million reasons that butterfly could have died on my keyboard but not one of them was that he was an offering from a sweet boy who knew I would think it was beautiful.

I thanked him for the gift – which is on the shelf over my desk now and told him that not only had he left me a beautiful gift but that he'd kept my mind busy for an entire week.

So it turns out that there is another theory behind finding a dead butterfly – kindness.

Thank you, B, that's just one of the reasons I love you.
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