It's Like Living With Minnie Pearl

The Island King has a thing about shoes and only owns 3 pair. Flip flops, deck shoes/loafers and his boots.

And he refuses to buy new ones until the ones he's wearing literally rot off of his feet.

Luckily for him, they don't stink so I don't complain. If he wants to wear a pair of shoes until they fall apart I don't care.

Not long ago, his deck shoes came apart as he was putting them on so he was forced to go and get a new pair.

He decided he wanted a loafer for winter (not that we're having a winter but...) so he wears his flip flops to the store, buys new shoes, pays and leaves the store – wearing his new shoes.

Off he went, stopping at several stores and then doing two photo shoots. I glanced at his new shoes when he got home that evening but it wasn't until he got home the next day that I got a closer look and saw this.

My husband has been working and wandering around with the tag on his shoe.

I pointed it out and being the odd duck that he is, he thought the tag was “kind of cool.”

So he left the tag on.

For a week.

It's like he's Minnie Pearl but instead of the hat it's his shoes.

Bless his heart.