Out of the Chair and onto the Floor

I've been working on a lot of nutritional changes over the past several months and until a week and a half ago I was doing well.

But then I stopped at the Circle K one evening, saw the Icee machine, fell off the wagon, and got myself a big ole Coke Icee.

Which would have been ok except that I seem to have a problem with over-indulging and for the next 4 days I did nothing but drink Icees and eat Nutter Butter bars.

On the 4th day I started feeling bad. I took a nap but woke up with a bad stomach ache so I walked out to the office to tell the Island King that something was wrong with me.

I sat down at my desk and I heard him say, “Slow your breathing down or you'll hyperventilate” and then the next thing I remember is being on the floor and him telling the Oldest Island Boy to hold my head and him calling 911.

Things are pretty fuzzy after that but I do remember him and the Oldest carrying me into the living room and putting me in the recliner.

I had blood all over my face and my lip and jaw were throbbing but as I sat there things started becoming clear and by the time the ambulance got here I was feeling mostly ok.

I didn't want to go to the hospital – especially by ambulance but the Island King insisted – which scared me because he NEVER calls 911. He was a paramedic for 15 years so when someone gets hurt he administers first aid and then drives them to the hospital if they need to go.

Him telling me that I was going to the hospital and that I was going by ambulance freaked me out a lot more than waking up on the floor did.

They ran all kinds of tests and scans and thankfully everything came out negative. The general consensus is that my blood sugar tanked from the 4 day Icee/Nutter Butter binge.

The only real damage done was to my face when I hit the floor.

I am now sporting stitches and a huge, ugly sore on my lip as well as an aching jaw.

The jaw part I can live with but my lip is starting to cause problems.

Everywhere we go, people look at me and then glare at the Island King like he's the one who busted my lip. It's making him paranoid and last night at the Home Depot he actually walked a few feet behind me.

Which I think is funny because if he'd have busted my lip he'd still be in the ICU.

Meanwhile I'm going to have lovely Christmas pictures this year to remind me that one cannot survive on Icees and Nutter Butter bars alone.