Our New Leopard Gecko

We've added yet another critter to our zoo.

The Oldest Island Boy has wanted a snake for years but considering I'm beyond snake phobic, there was absolutely no way a snake is living in this house.

A while back he discovered Geckos and began hounding me until I finally caved and agreed he could get one. I don't like lizards but decided that if he really wanted one I could learn to live with it.

He researched them for weeks and finally settled on a Blizzard Leopard Gecko.

Then he spent more even more time researching, learning about and setting up the terrarium his new pet would call home.

He wanted a juvenile so once everything was assembled we order a female from Reptiles by Mack.

She came overnight air and according to her birth certificate she had hatched 3 weeks earlier.

The Oldest fell in love with her immediately and named her Daisy.

She was a whitish pink when we got her and about 3 inches long.

At first, she wouldn't let him hold her at all and would scream this surprisingly loud pterodactyl sounding scream whenever he went near her.

He worked with her for a few minutes every day and within a week she became comfortable with him and now she has no problem being held.

After she shed for the first time she turned a grayish purple color and as she gets older she may get some yellow on her as well.

She's grown about an inch and she seems happy in her new home.

The Oldest is in love with her and to be honest I've gotten attached to Ms Daisy myself. I don't necessarily want to hold her but she's interesting to watch.