Reverse is Gone

I got stuck on the Reservation not too long ago looking for a geocache and even though my BIL pulled me out and my truck still ran, reverse didn't seem to work too well.

At least not at first. But by the time I got home everything was working fine.

So a couple of days later I head back up to the same area to find the elusive cache and I have to admit that I was pretty gun-shy about going down a lot of the trails leading towards the cache.

Getting stuck twice in one week would not be good.

So I drove around and around, trying to find a road in that didn't look like something I'd get stuck on.

But I'd start down a trail and then after a bit it would slowly deteriorate into nothing and I'd have to turn around.

Except these trails all had berms on either side so backing out was my only option.

Backing up is not my strong suit and backing up in soft sand on a winding trail really wasn't easy. I hit two trees, ran into three or four berms and managed to almost get myself stuck too many times to count.

All of this means that I was using reverse and using it hard. You can't let off the gas in soft sand and I could tell the truck wasn't doing well in reverse so I kept switching back and forth between 2 and 4wd and managed to get myself out each time.

I still didn't find the cache but it was getting dark so once I found the main road I headed south towards home.

The truck drove fine and I was pleased that even though I didn't find the cache, I didn't get stuck and none of the stuff I'd backed into left any major dents in my truck.

I stopped at a store on my way home and when I got back to the truck I put it in reverse and went to back out of the parking spot.

Only nothing happened. The engine roared but the truck WOULD NOT go into reverse.

I put it in Neutral and a man coming out of the store tried to help me push it backwards so I could get out of the parking spot.

It didn't take but a minute to realize that when I put it in N or R the back wheels locked and no amount of pushing was going to make this vehicle roll backwards.

Well damn. I've killed reverse in my truck. And not just driving in reverse but pushing it backwards too. I now have a vehicle that only rolls forward.

Obviously, I was going to have to jump the curb in order to get home. Of course it wasn't just a regular curb either - this one has an island with grass and shrubs between each row.

It was quite embarrassing when I jumped the curb, drove across the grass and through the bushes to get out but it had to be done and I was finally on my way home.

I got home and had to swing in, turning my yard into a circular driveway – on the only healthy grass in my entire yard.

I will be getting it fixed next week and for now I'm still driving around but have to put serious thought into everywhere I go. If I can't pull through a parking spot I have to park somewhere else and I can't do a lot of caching because turning around is a huge part of that (for lost people like me)

You really can't appreciate Reverse until you have none.

I truly believe that the military needs to hire me to test vehicles for them. If I can't get it stuck, sink it or kill it – it's good to go.