Mom's Birthday or National 69 Day

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday and my Dad threw her a small party.

As we were driving over the kids asked how old she is and sadly, I wasn't sure.

I'm 51 and I think she was 20 or 21 when she had me so that would make her 72 or 73. I think. I told them I wasn't sure and since she always makes me photoshop her birthday cakes so no one can see the number of candles I'd have to ask her.

We visited with family, Dad cooked burgers on the grill and we all enjoyed spending time together.

After dinner Dad brings out Mom's cake and it has the numbers 69 on it.

She smiled and said “You did put a 69 on there!”

Because apparently she's decided that 69 is a good age. She gets the senior discount but isn't in her 70s.

After she blew out the candles my sister says “I think it's funny that you have a 69 on your cake.”

Everyone except the kids snickered and my Mom looked around the table and asked what was so funny.

Snickers turned into giggles and Mom was getting more confused by the minute so I leaned over and whispered in her ear “It's a sex position”

Where is a camera when you need one? Mom's mouth fell open and the giggles around the table turned into full blown laughter.

My sister's kids kept asking what everyone was laughing about and why 69 is funny so she told them she would explain when they're older.

The Island Girl leaned over and whispered – “she won't have to tell them because they'll be Googling that as soon as they get home”

Which made me realize that my Mom will be too and I laughed even harder.

I don't know how “old” Mom's going to be next year but I'm thinking 67 or 68 may be the new number. 

If not May 23rd will forever be known as National 69 Day.