His First Date

The Youngest Island Boy has been telling us his wants to take his girlfriend on a date.

His first date.

He told us that he wanted to take her to dinner on the harbor and then have the water taxi drive them around for a while but that he couldn't afford both dinner and a boat ride.

I told him that his Dad and I could be their water taxi for the evening and that we'd pick them up at the docks after they ate, give them a sunset cruise and then take them over to the beach to watch the Thursday night fireworks.

He was skeptical at first. Why he thought we might embarrass him I have no idea 

but he finally decided it was a good plan.

He and his Dad went down to the restaurant he wanted to take her to and reserved a perfect table right on the water and then later the Island King dropped him off at the harbor to meet Miss B.

The Island King came home, we hopped in the boat and cruised around to the harbor to wait for the Youngest to call us to come and pick him and Miss B up for their boat ride.

I was so nervous for the boy. He's never been on a date before, he's never been to a nice restaurant without us before and he's my baby so I couldn't help but hope that everything would go ok.

We beached the boat on Norriego Point – which is just across the harbor from the restaurant and waited for him to call us.

It was a beautiful afternoon and even though we enjoyed watching the boats go by I couldn't help wondering how things were going for the Youngest.

I'm not sure if this makes me one of those weird stalker moms or not but I couldn't resist taking a peek.

I got a text message with a picture attached from the Youngest at one point that said “I can see you”

Thank goodness his camera didn't catch me with the binoculars.

They called when dinner was over and we drove over to the fuel dock to pick them up.

Once they were aboard we cruised out of the harbor and across to the jetties for the fireworks show.

Again, why would the Youngest think we might embarrass him?

We made it to the beach and they headed off, around the point, for a front row seat to watch the fireworks.

Which – as always – were spectacular.

The Island King and I hung out, watched the fireworks and talked to a drunk woman who stopped and asked if we were from here.

We told her yes so she asked if she put her rowboat in the water and then got drunk could she be arrested for drunk driving.

I told her that I'd never heard of an RUI (rowing under the influence) but that I didn't think getting drunk in a row boat was a good idea.

She then asked if she could be arrested for being drunk if she put a little motor on her rowboat.

We told her yes and then the Island King suggested she hire the Water Taxi to haul her around if she wanted to get drunk – instead of trying to row or drive her little boat anywhere.

She liked that idea and off she went, happy that she'd found a way to drink and boat at the same time without getting a ticket.

We were happy too. Another drunk boater around here is the last thing anyone needs.

After the fireworks were over we drove back to the boat ramp and then the Youngest and I took Miss B home.

She seemed to have a really good time and told the Youngest that this was an awesome date.

Waterfront dining, a sunset boat ride and fireworks on the beach – he's going to have to work pretty hard to top this date.

And I promise not to will try not to watch him through the binoculars next time.