Meet Clarice

A few years ago we beached our boat on a deserted island and got out to do some exploring.

As I was wandering around the island, I looked over in a bush and saw a mannequin head.

She was looking right at me and I knew I had to help her. After all, she was stranded and helpless on this island.

I picked her up and proudly placed her on the bow of the boat for our ride home.

The Island King was a little creeped out by her but I knew he'd warm up to her after he got to know her.

I named her Clarice. Except, you have to say it in an Anthony Hopkins voice from Silence of the Lambs which actually sounds like “Claireece.”

Which means I get to say “Hello Claireece” whenever I see her.

The odd thing is that this is the same island my Dad found and rescued a different head on several months before me. 

Not sure what's going on out there but obviously it's not a safe place for mannequins to hang out.

I brought Clarice home, picked the seaweed out of her hair, gave her a bath and she now lives in my office.

And yes, I talk to her often.

Talking to her beats talking to Bob.

The Island King made Bob for me one day when I mentioned (sarcastically) that he never listens, which translates into I never have anyone to talk to.

I wonder sometimes if Bob and Clarice talk quietly among themselves when I'm not around.

The Island Girl looked at Clarice the other day and said “You are bats$&% crazy. I can picture you in a cemetery with that thing in the middle of the night like something out of the Garden of Good and Evil.”

I have no idea why she thinks that.