By definition the international word for distress is Mayday.

Well, that seemed to be the word of the day for the ENTIRE month of May.

We started the month off with the refrigerator breaking. And because the fridge is seventeen years old, the part needed to fix it couldn't be found.

We lived out of coolers for almost a week while calling every appliance part store known to man trying to find the part we needed.

Once we realized there was no fixing ours we were off to buy a new one – which was a shocking experience. Obviously it's been a long time since I've bought a fridge and I had no idea they cost as much as a small car.

Not long after, I sent the Oldest Island Boy out to mow the grass and the lawnmower died. He and the Island King worked on it for quite a while but it too was beyond repair.

While they were working on the lawn mower, the Youngest and I went to Chick-Fil-A to get dinner and as soon as we pulled away from the drive-through steam starting pouring out from under the hood.

We called the Island King and he showed up, added some water and limped the truck home. One of the hoses had broken and needed to be replaced.

A few days later the kitchen sink backed up and no matter what he did the Island King couldn't get it unclogged.

We've had a LOT of plumbing problems in this house so we added an access panel on the outside of the kitchen wall so the Island King can get to it.

Of course the clog couldn't be resolved so until a plumber can come he left the cap off the pipe and now my kitchen sink drains into the side yard.

After all of that I decided we needed a great day on the water so we loaded the boat with kids, food and a ton of stuff and left the dock on Sunday, headed for the beach.

Our plan was to take the boat to the beach, spend the day playing in the water and then watch the Memorial Day fireworks before coming home that night.


We launched the boat, left the dock and just as we came out of the bayou the steering cable on the boat broke.

We made it to shallow water near the fishing pier and dropped the anchor.

The cable is toast and we knew we were going to have to call Sea Tow to take us back to the boat ramp.

But, being one of the busiest boat days of the season, Sea Tow was busy so we were going to have to wait a while.

We were anchored down the street from our house so the kids bailed and the Island King and I sat there, “enjoying” our day in the boat.

When Sea Tow showed up they towed us back to the boat ramp and we pulled the boat and headed home.

We were sitting in the back yard and the Island King told me that he felt like grilling something so we decided to have a BBQ instead of a boat night.

Sadly, our grill is really old and he's been limping it along for some time now and when we opened the lid, the bottom of the grill literally fell out.

We just sat there looking at each other and the Youngest walked out long enough to tell me that it seems statistically impossible for all of these things to have broken in one month's time.

Yes it does but we're talking about me and I'm pretty sure Murphy had me in mind when he made his “everything that can go wrong will” law.

We ended up grilling over our fire pit so at least we had a great dinner.

I heard this song on the way to the store yesterday and I'm pretty sure he's talking about us.