Boat Fire Near Crab Island

We were in the boat yesterday when we saw a huge plume of black smoke coming from just west of the Coast Guard station so we decided to go see what was up.

A small “go-fast” boat (I'm not sure of the actual name for this type of boat. Some people call them cigarette boats but around here they're known as go- fast boats) was completely engulfed in flames near the shore.

There were a lot of boats around but we realized the boat we'd anchored next to was where the owner of the boat on fire and his two kids had taken refuge.

Luckily, they were the only ones aboard and none of them were injured.

I don't know what happened but it didn't end well for the boat.

Destin Fire Rescue, the Okaloosa Sheriff's boat and the Coast Guard were already on scene when we got there and were soon followed by Niceville's Fire Rescue boat.

Sea Tow showed up and the Captain spent a while talking to the boat owner so hopefully he's a member because the cost of removing that boat will be astronomical.

It took them quite a while to put the fire completely out.

I'm really glad everyone is ok but it sure is sad to watch that happen to someone's boat.