Penelope vs the Lincoln

The Island King has a client who is selling his mother in law's 1980's something Lincoln Continental and the Island King wants that car really bad.

He says he'll look “cool” driving around in it and the fact that it's an antique will make it even cooler.

I don't agree. This car isn't your typical “cool” car and frankly I think he'll look like a nut when he's driving it. And just being old doesn't necessarily make something an antique. Sometimes old is just old.

We were on our way home the other night and he started talking about buying that car again.

Come on man, I'm serious when I tell you it's not a cool car and you won't look cool driving it – you'll just look crazy,”

He looks at me in complete shock and says “You drive around with a plastic pig on your dash and stick it out the window to oink at people when you're mad. I'm not sure you have any room to talk about crazy.”

Ok, so the pig thing is true.

I have Penelope, my ride or die pig that lives on my dash. And she does oink if you squeeze her.

She's absolutely adorable and I've found that when I start feeling road rage and want to yell bad words at people, I stick her out the window and make her oink at them.

That makes me laugh which causes my road rage to go away.

I told him that in a way, Penelope is a service pig and that an old Lincoln is not, so they aren't the same thing.

We were still arguing when we got home and I asked the Island Girl what she thought.

You're both crazy.” was her answer.

She might be right but that's probably why the Island King and I get along.

Crazy understands crazy.