Our Mountain Journey Ends

After we left Cade's Cove, our destination was Cleveland, TN. We were going to spend the night there and do some exploring the next day.

We stopped in Maryville for Dad to stretch his legs and got a call from my sister.

The storm had shifted more to the east a little so she'd gone over to my parent's house and secured everything outside.


We pulled up the latest advisories on Nate and not only had it shifted, it was coming sooner than expected and would remain a Tropical Depression all the way up into lower Tennessee.

Where we were.

We didn't want to be in a tropical event up there and at that point both of us felt like going home was what we needed to do.

Should we drive to Birmingham and then get up and leave early the next morning?

What if Nate sped up more or shifted a little more to the east?

Once wind speeds hit a steady 40mph they close the bridges here and I wouldn't be able to go home if we missed our window.

So we left Maryville, TN at about 7:30 and drove until we got to Gulf Breeze at 3:45 in the morning.

And from there I had another hour's drive to get to my house.

The sun rose, set and rose again and that was the end of day 3 of our 10 day adventure.

Meaning, our 10 day adventure turned into a 3 day wild ride.

I was sorry that we had to miss the geocaching event and cut our exploring time down but we had such an amazing time it was all worth it.

Even that brutal all night drive home.