For years we've been teasing the Island King about being scared of large animals.

He denies it but...

He's always had to “work” if we went horseback riding.

Swimming with the manatee? While all of us were in the water he claimed “someone needs to stay in the boat.”

Swimming with dolphin? Again, “someone needs to stay in the boat.”

The donkey at Tower Camp? “Don't get too close to the fence – he might bite.”

Well, the other day he had a photo shoot in Ponce de Leon and I decided to ride up with him so we could explore some after his shoot.

The first thing we saw when we left the shoot was a pasture full of cows.

Or maybe they were bulls? Steers? I don't know. They had horns but I understand that doesn't necessarily mean they're males.

Anyway – cows.

I love cows!

So we stopped and got out to take some pictures.

As soon as I walked up to the fence they came running from all across the pasture.

The Island King stepped back and didn't have much to say while I was taking pictures.

They came up close to the fence but wouldn't come right up to it so I stuck my hand over the fence to try and get one to come up so I could pet it.

The Island King grabbed my arm and yanked me back away from the fence and said “Stop that!” This fence won't hold them in there if they decide to plow through it and get you!”

What? I seriously don't think they're planning to storm the fence and "get me."

Well, this one might because it had been giving me some serious stink eye while I was standing there but the rest seemed quite happy to see me.

I was laughing but he was dead serious and said “I'm telling you that fence won't hold them if they decide they want out. It's just a suggestion for where they should stay.”

I agree they could have stormed the fence if they really wanted to but I think they just wondered where their hay was.

But he was so serious and I didn't want him to have a heart attack so I stepped back and didn't pet the cows.

When we got home I was telling the kids about it and they cracked up because they know his history with large animals.

He got a little indignant and said “Listen those cows could have broken through the fence and stampeded your mother to death! AND after her funeral I'd have to buy the farmer a new fence.”

We were laughing so hard and he turned around, opened the freezer and pulled out steaks to cook.

His last words on the subject were “Beef – it's what's for dinner.”

He can deny it all he wants but we know the truth.

My big, bad, husband is scared of cows!