Pulled Over

I ran up to the Circle K last night to grab some milk and learned all about bicycle rules while I was there.

I was standing at the counter when this man walks in. Normal looking guy who can't wait to tell us his story.

He says they needed cat food and his wife convinced him to ride his bike to the store because he “needs the exercise.”

It was dark out and he didn't want to ride in the road so he was riding on the sidewalk.

A police car came up behind him and turned their blue lights on. The guy said he was looking around trying to figure out who was being pulled over when the deputy pulled up even with him, flashed his big light on him, got on the loudspeaker and told the guy to pull over.

The man said “So I put my kickstand down...”

Which sent me and everyone else in the store into hysterical laughter.

It turns out he was being “pulled over” because he didn't have a tail light on his bike.

He said he showed the deputy the reflector on the back of the bike but the deputy told him that you have to have an actual light in order to ride your bike at night.

He tells us the deputy gave him a warning, told him to get on to the store and then back home and not to ride his bike after dark again until he gets a tail light.

The Island King has always put front and back lights on our kid's bikes but to be honest I thought it was just so they'd be safe. I had no idea that the days of having a reflector have gone the way of standing on the front seat of the car next to Mom and that it's actually illegal to not have lights.

Which is a good thing but I still think getting “pulled over” on a bike is funny.