The Island King has a cat named Rat.

He named her that because she is SO small. She's not much bigger than a kitten.

According to the vet she's perfectly healthy – she's just a miniature cat.

But the name Rat fits her in other ways as well.

She doesn't like anyone but the Island King. She scratches everything except her scratching post. She pushes more stuff off my shelves than all of my other cats combined. AND all 4 of my other cats despise her.

The Island King can't understand why they all try to beat her up but I'm pretty sure it's because she hisses and swipes at them - starting the fight. I've seen it happen many times but he still says β€œIt's can't be Rat, she's so sweet.”


A couple of weeks ago I walked past our fish tank and noticed a small puddle of water on the floor in front of the tank.

I cleaned up the pudlle and then examined every inch of the tank, determined it's not leaking and shrugged off the small puddle.

A few days went by and it happened again. The tank still wasn't leaking so again I wiped up the puddle and went about my day.

The next day I was feeding the fish and noticed that two were missing. I thought they died so I searched the tank for their bodies but couldn't find them.

I know the other fish didn't eat them but I don't know what happened to their little bodies.

Another couple of days went by and I was feeding the fish when I realized there were no fish. Not one.

I searched everywhere for their bodies but they weren't there.

The tank was empty.

As I'm standing there wondering what happened to my fish the Oldes Island Boy walked by and asked if the tank is leaking because he's been cleaning up small puddles of water for the past few days.

What is going on?

That night I came around the corner and saw this.

And it hit me.

The Rat has figured out how to open the lid on the tank and has EATEN my fish.

Which explains the mysterious puddles.

I have had many cats for years and none of them have ever done that.

I am definitely a cat lady but this particular cat is on my last nerve.

Rat is an extremely appropriate name for her.