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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fishing East Pass in Destin

Even though we live on a barrier island, it's hard to find a good fishing spot. Private property abounds here so shore and dock fishing spots are not that easy to find.

The Island Girl wanted to go fishing the other evening and we had to stop and think about where we could go.

Which is absurd! We are surrounded by water – why don't we have a long list of good fishing spots?

So I'm now on a mission to compile such a list.

Our first trip was to Norriego Point – which actually offers 2 different kinds of fishing. The mission for this night was to fish in East Pass.

Fishing anywhere along Norriego Point isn't good during the day because of the large amount of boat traffic but at night it can be a gold mine.

As the tides change, fish come in and out of the Pass so it's possible to catch Mackeral, Trout, Red Fish, as well as several other kinds of fish.

At the very end of Holiday Isle in Destin is a public access to the Point.

The parking lot is small and tends to fill up right before sunset because this is a great spot for sunset beach photos if you go a little before sunset or a little after, parking usually isn't a problem.

From the parking lot you can walk down along the harbor

Or over to East Pass.

The first thing to be said about this particular spot is that it's a long walk through soft sand. Think about this before loading your cooler or packing your bag. It's a hike.

The good news is that it's a beautiful walk. East Pass to your left

and the Destin Harbor to your right provide plenty to look at which does help with the trek.

Once you've made it you'll be glad you did.

On this night we put out a small bait line baited with frozen squid, hoping to catch some live pin fish. It's better if you take the time to find live bait beforehand but we opted to see what we could catch on the frozen squid.

We also put out two bigger rods, baited with cigar minnows.

We were hoping for a nice sized Red Fish or maybe some Trout.

We never did have any luck catching live bait but the Island Girl felt a tug and pulled in a nice sized catfish.

I love catfish stew but the Island King HATES to clean them and I don't like then enough to clean them either so we unhooked him and sent him back out into the Pass.

Another Cigar Minnow and a few minutes later she'd landed yet another cat. A little smaller but again, hubby doesn't do Cat Fish so back he went.

The last Cigar Minnow brought in an even smaller Cat and he too was sent back into the Pass.

We didn't have any luck but we've caught many fish from this spot before. In fact, the Oldest Island Boy caught his first Red Fish here several years ago.

It's a fun spot to fish, the view is breathtaking and some nights it's possible to bring home a cooler full of fish.

Of course, fish or not, it's about the adventure – not the catch.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Taz – The Bait Fish Slayer

The Island King has a red children’s Tasmanian Devil fishing pole that is the main staple in his fishing gear.

I tease him a lot about his little red fishing pole but he just smiles and tells me that it’s small, compact and always brings in the bait fish.

He’s named it Taz.

We took Taz out to the dock the other night to catch some pin fish for the crab traps and I have to say – as ridiculous as he looks using that toy – he brought in twice as many fish as I did.

And I was using a grownup rod.

I can’t help laughing at him but I will admit, Taz always brings in the bait.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Record Sized Redfish Caught on Pin Fish Rig

The Island King and I were bait fishing at the Duck Pond by our house and I caught what I do believe is a record breaking Redfish.

Guinness wasn’t there to document the event but I have never seen or heard of anyone catching a redfish this size on a hook.

I caught a baby!

We did a quick measure and he came in at about 5 inches long.

It’s not uncommon to catch redfish babies in nets but I had no idea you could actually catch one on a baited hook.

He was just a wee bit undersized – 13 inches to be exact – so we unhooked him and tossed him back.

I hope he lives a happy life in the Duck Pond and then ends up back on my hook when he’s grown a foot or so. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Snapper Season

June 1st is one of the Island King's favorite days of the year.

Opening Day of Snapper Season.

At 4am he, his brother and two friends loaded the boat and offshore they went.

They went about 18 miles out to a sweet spot they know of and immediately caught their Snapper limit.

But that didn't mean it was time to come back in.

There were still lots of other fish to catch.

Which they did.

I have mixed feelings about eating Gulf seafood these days. And while I do worry about the massive amount of oil that poured into the Gulf - it's the dispersant they used that really bothers me.

But then I look at those fresh fish, caught that morning, and I lose all resolve and eat a plate full.

Unfortunately, while I am still eating Gulf seafood I can't do it with the pure joy that I used to.

Now I think -

"This is so good!"

"I hope it won't make the kids sick in the long run."

"This is so good!"

Over and over again.

The good news is that the Snapper are plentiful and the boat captains who were starving last year are thriving this year.

Thank you, God.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Navarre Pier

My Aunt and Uncle were in town for my Grandmother's funeral and the day after the funeral they called and wanted us to meet them and my parents for dinner in Navarre.

We met them at the restaurant at the foot of the Navarre bridge and then drove over to the beach to walk out on the fishing pier before we ate.

The pier opened last summer but we've never been out on it so it seemed like the perfect time to take a look.

According to their website, at 1545 feet this is the longest pier on the Gulf of Mexico.

They have a nice little bar that overlooks the pier.

There is a public beach next to the pier and just to the east of that is the Navarre Beach State Park.

The US Government owns the island from the end of the park all the way to Okaloosa Island - which means you get this incredible view of pristine beach.

The land to the west of the pier is all privately owned which means this is the view in that direction.

I prefer the non-developed look myself.

My Mom and I were looking down into the water when we saw something swimming towards us.

At first we thought it was a stingray and then as it got closer we decided it must be a big crab.

I wish this picture had turned out because as he swam closer we got a good look and it was a sea turtle.

Not a baby but still small.

They are so cool. I've seen lots of big turtles out in the Gulf but this is the first time I've ever seen a smaller one near the beach.

Mom and I were lagging behind, walking slow and talking and when we got to the end we saw this.

"Where did you get that hideous hat?"

"I found it in the trash can."

"Put it back."

"No, I'm keeping it."

And he proceeded to walk up and down the pier talking to people - while wearing his new hat.

My Aunt said "I read your blog and he really is like that, isn't he?"


We enjoyed our walk, had a nice dinner and got to spend time with family.

A great way to spend an evening!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Boy's Weekend

My trip to Indian Pass started as a boys only fishing weekend for the Island King and his brother.

They were on a mission to catch some tripletail and maybe a red fish or two.

Tripletail like to hang around buoys so my BIL designed what he calls a TAD - Tripletail Attracting Device.

Some Styrofoam blocks, rope, weights

And he'd created his own tripletail reefs.

Too bad that after all that work the only thing he caught was this sailcat.

The Island King landed the only tripletail.

It was too small so back it went and they returned to camp empty handed.

Saturday afternoon brought stormy skies, wind

And lots of rain.

The Island King said the camper was rocking and the wind was blowing but they were well prepared to ride it out.

The storm moved on through Saturday evening and they were able to do a little fishing from the beach.

Where the Island King caught this.

He let him go but stingrays taste a lot like scallops and would have made a great meal.

After spending Friday and Saturday together they decided they'd had enough brotherly bonding time and called me to come over on Sunday.

I'm glad they had fun and I was happy to go over and keep them company for the second half of their trip.