Monday, February 26, 2018


The Island King has a cat named Rat.

He named her that because she is SO small. She's not much bigger than a kitten.

According to the vet she's perfectly healthy – she's just a miniature cat.

But the name Rat fits her in other ways as well.

She doesn't like anyone but the Island King. She scratches everything except her scratching post. She pushes more stuff off my shelves than all of my other cats combined. AND all 4 of my other cats despise her.

The Island King can't understand why they all try to beat her up but I'm pretty sure it's because she hisses and swipes at them - starting the fight. I've seen it happen many times but he still says “It's can't be Rat, she's so sweet.”


A couple of weeks ago I walked past our fish tank and noticed a small puddle of water on the floor in front of the tank.

I cleaned up the pudlle and then examined every inch of the tank, determined it's not leaking and shrugged off the small puddle.

A few days went by and it happened again. The tank still wasn't leaking so again I wiped up the puddle and went about my day.

The next day I was feeding the fish and noticed that two were missing. I thought they died so I searched the tank for their bodies but couldn't find them.

I know the other fish didn't eat them but I don't know what happened to their little bodies.

Another couple of days went by and I was feeding the fish when I realized there were no fish. Not one.

I searched everywhere for their bodies but they weren't there.

The tank was empty.

As I'm standing there wondering what happened to my fish the Oldes Island Boy walked by and asked if the tank is leaking because he's been cleaning up small puddles of water for the past few days.

What is going on?

That night I came around the corner and saw this.

And it hit me.

The Rat has figured out how to open the lid on the tank and has EATEN my fish.

Which explains the mysterious puddles.

I have had many cats for years and none of them have ever done that.

I am definitely a cat lady but this particular cat is on my last nerve.

Rat is an extremely appropriate name for her.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


For years we've been teasing the Island King about being scared of large animals.

He denies it but...

He's always had to “work” if we went horseback riding.

Swimming with the manatee? While all of us were in the water he claimed “someone needs to stay in the boat.”

Swimming with dolphin? Again, “someone needs to stay in the boat.”

The donkey at Tower Camp? “Don't get too close to the fence – he might bite.”

Well, the other day he had a photo shoot in Ponce de Leon and I decided to ride up with him so we could explore some after his shoot.

The first thing we saw when we left the shoot was a pasture full of cows.

Or maybe they were bulls? Steers? I don't know. They had horns but I understand that doesn't necessarily mean they're males.

Anyway – cows.

I love cows!

So we stopped and got out to take some pictures.

As soon as I walked up to the fence they came running from all across the pasture.

The Island King stepped back and didn't have much to say while I was taking pictures.

They came up close to the fence but wouldn't come right up to it so I stuck my hand over the fence to try and get one to come up so I could pet it.

The Island King grabbed my arm and yanked me back away from the fence and said “Stop that!” This fence won't hold them in there if they decide to plow through it and get you!”

What? I seriously don't think they're planning to storm the fence and "get me."

Well, this one might because it had been giving me some serious stink eye while I was standing there but the rest seemed quite happy to see me.

I was laughing but he was dead serious and said “I'm telling you that fence won't hold them if they decide they want out. It's just a suggestion for where they should stay.”

I agree they could have stormed the fence if they really wanted to but I think they just wondered where their hay was.

But he was so serious and I didn't want him to have a heart attack so I stepped back and didn't pet the cows.

When we got home I was telling the kids about it and they cracked up because they know his history with large animals.

He got a little indignant and said “Listen those cows could have broken through the fence and stampeded your mother to death! AND after her funeral I'd have to buy the farmer a new fence.”

We were laughing so hard and he turned around, opened the freezer and pulled out steaks to cook.

His last words on the subject were “Beef – it's what's for dinner.”

He can deny it all he wants but we know the truth.

My big, bad, husband is scared of cows!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Pulled Over

I ran up to the Circle K last night to grab some milk and learned all about bicycle rules while I was there.

I was standing at the counter when this man walks in. Normal looking guy who can't wait to tell us his story.

He says they needed cat food and his wife convinced him to ride his bike to the store because he “needs the exercise.”

It was dark out and he didn't want to ride in the road so he was riding on the sidewalk.

A police car came up behind him and turned their blue lights on. The guy said he was looking around trying to figure out who was being pulled over when the deputy pulled up even with him, flashed his big light on him, got on the loudspeaker and told the guy to pull over.

The man said “So I put my kickstand down...”

Which sent me and everyone else in the store into hysterical laughter.

It turns out he was being “pulled over” because he didn't have a tail light on his bike.

He said he showed the deputy the reflector on the back of the bike but the deputy told him that you have to have an actual light in order to ride your bike at night.

He tells us the deputy gave him a warning, told him to get on to the store and then back home and not to ride his bike after dark again until he gets a tail light.

The Island King has always put front and back lights on our kid's bikes but to be honest I thought it was just so they'd be safe. I had no idea that the days of having a reflector have gone the way of standing on the front seat of the car next to Mom and that it's actually illegal to not have lights.

Which is a good thing but I still think getting “pulled over” on a bike is funny. 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Pensacola's Graffiti Bridge Art

My sister sent me a text before Christmas asking which was my favorite – a dolphin, mermaid's tail, sea horse or manatee.

I immediately answered dolphin.

A few minutes later she sent another text telling me to pick another one.

Ok. It was a toss up between a manatee and a seahorse but I went with the seahorse.

Time went by and I forgot all about it but then on Christmas my sister handed me a gift.

She sat down and said “I need to explain what it is when you open it.”

That comment made me a little nervous so I cautiously opened the box and was pleasantly surprised to find this.

An absolutely gorgeous seahorse necklace.

Before I could ask what needed explaining she told me that this necklace is made from paint chips off the Graffiti Bridge.

She found a group of artists in Pensacola and what they do is collect paint chips from the bridge and then through a process they turn the paint chips into incredible jewelry.

Once the art is made the artists sell them in different shops around town. This one came from Angel's Garden. 

My sister said that when she sent me the text asking what sea creature I liked she didn't realize they were out of dolphins. Luckily they did have a seahorse.

I am so in love with this necklace. Not only is it beautiful but it's made from small pieces of Pensacola's history.

Thank you so much KD – I love it!!!