Down Under Cache

Down Under

The Island Girl and I went after this one today after I picked her up from school.

It was supposed to be a grab and go so we went for it and believe it or not – it was a true grab and go.

But not until we got our coordinates right.

We pulled in to Outback and tried to get a fix on where to park. She kept saying we were too far east and needed to go west.

We started driving to the other end of the strip mall parking lot and I’m saying this can’t be right when she starts laughing and tells me she’s looking at the coordinates for the Home Depot cache and that's why she thought we needed to head west.

Once we got the right set of coordinates we went back to Outback and the GPS took us to a flower bed next to the road leading in and out of this big parking lot.

Cars are coming non stop in both directions so we decided to pretend that we were invisible and just do a quick search.

We looked all around the bottom of the hedges and after probably 10 cars passed us and I’m sure wondered what we were doing I realized there was a light post in the middle of the flower bed and it had the same kind of base that the light behind the fresh market had so I walked over and lifted the base and there was the cache.

We took it to the car and signed the log. I don’t know how many people saw me lift that base off and get the cache but cars were streaming by. When it was time to put it back the Island Girl went and did it and I watched a Hispanic guy on a bike watch her intently.

She had her back to him so she didn’t see him but I saw him see everything she did and he was watching closely. He rode his bike over to the side door of Outback so he may work there or know someone and I’ll bet good money that as soon as we left he went and looked under that base.

I don’t know if he muggled the cache or put it back but I’m positive he went and found it.

I won’t be surprised if this one comes up missing.

She and I both agreed that we hate those and we’re pretty sure the Outback people wouldn’t want anyone lifting up the base on the light post in the middle of the flower bed.

Every time we do one of these I find more and more reasons not to do them anymore.

And then I go hunt another one.