Gas-er-up #2 Cache

After leaving Gaserup# 1 empty handed we headed north on Hwy 85 in search of Gaserup #2.

Gaserup #2 is hidden at a Shell station on Hwy 85 in Niceville.

The clue is "Fuelman" and directly behind the store is a Fuelman sign and the GPS says we are within 7 feet so we get out and begin to search.

We knew we were looking for a micro but we searched everywhere around the sign for about 30 minutes - with no luck.

We decided to go find Gaserup #3 which we could tell was at the gas station/strip mall across the street and that maybe we'd come back again later.

After finding Gaserup #3 we now know we are looking for so we go back to Gaserup #2 and stop right under the Fuelman sign.

We started running our hands under the weeds and within 30 seconds the Island King said "I’ve got it" and he pulls out the same kind of container we'd found across the street only this one is pink.

We signed the log

And then dropped it back in the weeds where we found it. The moment it fell into the weeds we couldn’t see it anymore.

Those things are amazingly small – you can look right at them and not see them.

Now it’s time to go back to the 1st gas station and grab Gaserup #1.