Gas-er-up #3 Cache

After not finding Gaserup #2 we headed across the street to look for Gaserup #3.

We parked near a Quiznos Sub Shop and had to be careful because there was no one in the restaurant so the waiter was just staring out the window.

There were woods next to the parking lot and the GPS led us right to a spot about 5 feet into the woods. Hanging from a tree limb was a tiny green canister like the kind you would keep nitro pills in around your neck.

We were shocked at how small it was!

No wonder we couldn’t find the one at Gaserup #2 – we were looking for something at least the size of a prescription bottle or a film canister and this container was MUCH smaller.

The Island King signed the log but that’s all the container is big enough to hold.

You even have to bring your own pen.

Now we knew what to look for at Gaserup #2 so it was time to go back and look for that one again.