Home Sweet Home - 6th Try

I think about the Home Depot cache a lot.

It's not healthy but for some reason I've become obsessed with this cache.

People are finding the cache right and left and yet I've looked FIVE TIMES and haven't been able to find it.

And then yesterday a new log appeared on the cache page and it mentioned that it was a good thing the guy looking for it was tall enough to reach it.

So that must mean it’s up in that tree! I’ve looked in the tree but now I think maybe I haven’t looked high enough.

Tonight when I went to run some errands I stopped and even though it’s pretty well lit from the streetlight I couldn’t get a good look and I didn’t want to get out and shine my flashlight up in the tree since Home Depot was still open and I am pretty sure that would have drawn some attention.

I’m going back tomorrow and I’m going to look in the top of the tree if I have to stand on top of my car.