Home Sweet Home Cache - 2nd Try

We had to go and pick up the Island Girl from school this afternoon so we decided to swing in to Home Depot and do a quick search for the cache I couldn't find a few days ago.

Well, wouldn’t you know that parked not 25 feet from where the cache is supposed to be was a deputy, a tow truck and several unhappy men.

The boys and I stayed in the car while the Island King got out for a quick look.

The deputy was busy with the men from the truck but the tow truck driver caught sight of the Island King looking through the bushes and started watching him pretty intently.

It was starting to get dark so he got back in the car and we were done looking for this one for today.

Putt 42, another local cacher, mentioned at the Duck Pond that they had not been able to find it either.

So far only one other team has logged this one.

I think Home Depot is going to throw them out pretty soon because the cache has got to be hidden under the bushes and a lot of people are going to be rooting around in them.

Hiding a cache like that is a really bad idea – people start rooting around in the landscaping tearing it up and then the property owners want the cache removed.

Grab and gos like that need to be somewhere they can be accessed without getting up in the landscaping and I don’t know if this one will last much longer.

We heard from Putt 42 today that the one at the Track had to be removed because the cache was hidden inside the park under the waterfall - where people aren’t even supposed to be.

The owners found out and made them take it out of the park.

A group new to geocaching have saturated the City with caches but most of them are on private property.

I hope the City doesn’t get wind of this and ban geocaching in the City limits.

I don’t know if we’ll be back for this one or not.