Home Sweet Home Cache - 3rd Try

The Home Depot cache has been haunting me and I had to try to find it one more time.

I had to pick the Island Girl up from school today so I decided to put the Nano Huntress on this one just one more time.

We both searched all over the flower bed that the GPS led us to but we just couldn’t find it.

I am really starting to feel bad about rooting around in other people’s landscaping even though I am very careful not to disturb anything. I just don’t like it.

So the two of us hunted for a few minutes and then decided to call it quits.

There was a stream of cars driving by on the road and people going in and out of the Home Depot and both of us felt very uncomfortable so we got in the car and came home.

I’ve now decided that we just won’t be back for this one. It’s not where it can be located and grabbed - you have to get on your hands and knees and hunt and root through the bushes and we aren’t going to do that anymore.

It draws attention to us and eventually enough people picking through the bushes will tear them up no matter how careful people are and I don’t want to have a hand in that.

Plus I don’t think this team has permission to have a cache in Home Depot’s parking lot so that’s just one more reason to stop looking for this one.