Little Trout Creek Hide and Seek Cache

Little Trout Creek Hide and Seek Cache

We went looking for this cache after finding the Okawalton cache just a mile or so back down the trail.

The log had several comments on it about the coordinates being off and lots of people having trouble finding it.

We found the trail to the cache and parked and then got out both GPSs and started walking.

After a long walk in the woods we found a spot that we were guessing must be the right area.

The log said the cache had a custom cammo paint job so the Island King told the boys it was probably painted like a log or a palmetto bush. Then he gave each of the boys an area to search and the three of them started off.

I walked a little in a different direction then started back to the area they were in.

I got to the spot where the Island King had stood and commented that it must be in this area.

There was a huge tree laying on the ground and I thought about what he said about it looking like a log or bush so I started at one end and looked along the ground at the edge of the tree.

Just a little ways down the tree I spotted it.

This was an awesome cammo job and we are all amazed that I found it. I am really surprised that we found this one.

I called them back over and told them it was close to where I was standing. The Oldest Island Boy spotted it before his Dad did and the first thing he said was "Wow mom I can’t believe you saw that!"

The boys each took a small game and we left some golf balls and some Mardi gras beads.

This was a nice easy hike even though there was no trail. The ground was dry and even and the cache was in a pretty pine thicket so it was much easier than some of the bushwhacking we’ve had to do.