Okawalton Cache

Okawalton Cache

We decided to find a couple of caches today that we could 4 wheel to so off we went to Niceville.

This cache is down a trail off of Hwy 20 East of Blue Water Bay right at the Okaloosa Walton County line.

Nice trail and we didn’t even have to use 4 wheel but once or twice.

We found the “scenic photo-op spot” which was the head of the little swamp and very pretty.

We parked at the closest spot we could find to the coordinates and then hiked down to the swamp.

This cache must not see a lot of visitors because there wasn’t much of a trail, we just sorted of wound our way down to the swamp.

Once we got to the edge we were able to walk along the bank until we found ground zero.

The Island King announced that we were there and him and the boys starting walking forward a little.

I stopped and looked around and spotted it immediately. The yellow lettering on the ammo can just sort of jumped out at me.

I told them I had found it but they had to come and find it too.

The Island King spotted it first and then we did “hot and cold” with the boys until the Oldest Island Boy spotted it.

The cache was full of goodies, including a Dragnet CD that the Isladn King wanted and the book The Davinci Code which I wanted and the boys saw stuff they wanted and there was a travel bug I definitely wanted.

We didn’t want to exchange everything in the cache so we left the DVD and the book and let the boys pick a toy each and I took Quakery Who the Duck Travel Bug.

His card said he wanted to keep moving and since we are headed for Rook’s Bluff tomorrow I will take him over there and see where the river takes him.

We had a McDonald’s picnic in the woods after we found the cache and then we were off to find Little Trout Creek Hide and Seek which was just a little farther down the road.